• New Zealand Pine Wood

    New Zealand pine wood is widely known throughout asia as an excellent packaging and general-purpose building timber. Strength, stiffness and good working properties makes Pine wood, a better choice in every aspect.

  • Biggest Importer of Wood

    Chaudhary Timber Industries is biggest importer of pine wood in India. Pine wood logs are transferred to our Gujarat warehouse through Sea freight.

  • Saw Miller in Gandhidham - Gujarat

    After the import of wood, logs are cut through our Saw mills in Gandhidham and sent to Delhi warehouse and our whole sale customers in country

  • Molding and Margin Manufacturing in Delhi warehouse

    At our Delhi warehouse, we process pine wood to manufacture Molding, Margin, shuttering wood and lumber for traders in north Indian market.

Welcome to Chaudhary Timber Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Largest Importer of New Zealand Pine Wood in India

Who We Are?

Since 1960, Chaudhary family is in business of timber trading and importing. After 26 years of operation, Chaudhary Timber Traders was established in 1986 to grow and excel in Timber trade. We procure best quality Pine Wood from across the globe to satisfy the ever growing needs of our customers in India. We are the largest importer and trader of New Zealand Pine Wood in India. Apart from New Zealand, we procure Pine Wood from Germany, Canada and Russia.

Our Strength

Chaudhary Timber has established itself as a well known name in the timber whole seller in industry. Apart from timber importing, we are also one of the largest timber dealer in the country. We trade in New Zealand Pine, German Pine, Radiates Pine, Ripso, Battens, Shuttering Wood, Moldings and margins. Our warehouses are equipped with Saw miller and other machines to process pine wood logs.

Application of Pine Wood

Packaging Industry

Packing Industry

Radiate pine is used in packaging industry for its light weight and good nailing power.

Plywood Industry

Plywood Industry

Pine wood is used for framing and Ripso for filling the board in Plywood Industry.


Construction Industry

Construction Companies

Due to its low price, Pine Wood is used widely as shuttering in construction industry.

Other Uses

Other Uses

Pine wood is widely used in Cooling Towers, Wooden Chips and for manufacturing Moldings & Margien.