Wood Logs

Chaudhary Timber Industries Pvt. Ltd. is biggest importer of Pine logs in India. Pine is mainly imported from New Zealand. Apart from Pine, We also deal in Meranti. Logs are easy to transport and sold to wholesale customers for their specific requirements

Sawn Timber

Sawn Timber

Sawn timber is produced by sawing a log longitudinally to create pieces of sawn timber each with a square or rectangular cross section. The cross section is usually one of the "industry standard sizes" although the timber may be sawn to a special non-standard cross section (on special request by customer).

Molding and Margin

Molding & Margin

Molding and Margin is made from soft wood. These are used to decorate and furniture. We have a range of designs available for our clients. Our in-house manufacturing facility enables us in supplying large orders in shortest time period.